Love A.N.Jell forever !!!

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I wish to have someone who’s exactly like him. Frankly, I WANT HIM. *My Harry* I’m OBSESSED!! *Ikr*

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Black & White

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Tae Kyung: Are you feeling alright?

(Mi Nam, umiling)

Tae Kyung: I guess you’re not feeling alright. After all, you did have a fever of 40 degrees. I wouldn’t expect you to have your wits about you..

(Mi Nam, feeling sorry)

Tae Kyung: Go Mi Nam, what’s this?

Mi Nam: It’s a palm.

Tae Kyung: Tch. The right answer is five. Still, I guess you’ve helt onto your wits. Then, listen carefully with your wits about you to what I have to say. Seeing that even in that state of extreme sickness you were worried about me. I see you have some loyalty and seeing how bore the sickeness and stuck it out. I see you have some will power too.

(Mi Nam, stares at him)

Tae Kyung: I’ve been trying not to acknowledge you and outright rejecting you but out of this ordeal, I’ve come to accept you. I’m now on your side Go Mi Nam so, I have a duty to look out for you and I’ll take responsibility for what happens with you.

Mi Nam: (feeling sorry) I’m truly sorry. I’ll think carefullly too about what o do from now on. And, thank you for saying that.

Tae Kyung: (smiles) From now on, don’t do things you’ll be sorry for. Discuss what should be done and live thankfully. Ugh. I’m tired. I’m going to get some sleep. (Stare to Mi Nam) Go back to sleep.

(Tae Kyung went out to room)

Mi Nam: This can’t be anymore. Before anything else is revealed, before he gets more hurt, Go Mi Nam has to go away.. (Tears falling from her eyes.)

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NorlynloveJGS on We Heart It.


the most beautiful man on earth

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love his every angle. 

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